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Wholesale Jewelry Company
About WildGiraffe
WildGiraffe is located in the heart of Texas. A U.S.A based manufacturer and wholesaler of contemporary metal bands with retailers worldwide. As an exclusive online jewelry wholesaler, we can lower our cost of operations and provide unbeatable prices on high-quality products.

Our fully stocked warehouses and distribution network allows us to ship most orders worldwide within 24 hours.

Why WildGiraffe...
We provide many tools to help successfully grow your business. This includes no-minimum orders, fully stocked warehouses, high-quality products, use of product images, and more.
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Our Name

Where does our unique name come from?
We started the company with one core philosophy... Like a giraffe in the wild, we strive to be high about the rest. We aim to achieve this with precision craftsmanship to ensure perfection in each piece of jewelry, which we then back with a lifetime warranty.

This desire to be high about the rest has allowed us to become what we are today... a global leader with retailers worldwide. We are proud of the products we produce for our retailers everywhere.
Our Name - WildGiraffe


Road to perfection
WildGiraffe Craftsmanship
From vision, to concept, to manufacturing... WildGiraffe has achieved the road to perfection.

As a U.S.A based jewelry supplier and manufacturer, our goal is to ensure perfection in each piece of jewelry. This is accomplished with our state-of-the-art manufacturing technique, coupled with attention to detail, and back by a lifetime warranty.

Our standard of perfection goes beyond the creation of jewelry, it represents elegance, style, and quality. All of which hold true to our core philosophy... We strive to be high about the rest!
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